Get Super Duper High is the sunny side of the street. It’s the cup that’s half full. It’s the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The DOUBLE RAINBOW! It’s the unicorn that brings you fresh baked cookies when you wish.

They dooo exist!

You know that delicious meal?  The one you hope never ends? The one you hope you could eat over and over and over and over? Well this is that delicious meal. Zero calories I swear!It is NOT the dirty toilet paper that doesn’t make it into the garbage bin

It is NOT the gooey gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe

It is NOT a mosquito bite on top of a spider bite

And it is definitely NOT the zombie who tries to eat your face!

                                               So what is it?

It’s taking that gooey gum stuck underneath your shoe and sticking it onto your friend’s forehead.

It’s taking that dirty toilet paper your brother left on the side of the garbage and putting it in his bed.

It’s taking saran wrap, coving up the toilet so the next time your brother goes to the bathroom all drowsy in the morning he has an experience that REALLY wakes him up.

It’s taking that zombie, and keeping it as a pet.

It’s taking that depression cocktail and turning it into a Mojito.



  • Not working out
  • Not eating healthy
  • Late night binges on chips ‘n’ tears

Zit-educing stress: Occurs when the following happens…

  1. F*** my mom didn’t buy my favourite peanut butter                             
  2. Putting on makeup and staying home for the rest of the day                         
  3. Peeling your last banana to find its insides are as black as the inside of you soul!   
  • Having someone from your childhood recognize you, even though you were butt ugly
  • Not taking a shower
  • Rain
  • Not enough hair on your head…too much hair elsewhere

^ It’s a depression cocktail. Don’t drink it. ^

Get super duper high, gets you high on self-entertainment. Stop walking on that bird poop filled, cloudy side of the street and join Frank Sinatra and I on that sunny side of the street!

About me

I love men scented body washes.

Sucker for Old Spice body wash.

Makes me feel like a man’s man.

Lipstick fanatic.

You can tell so much about someone by their shoes!

If I met a being with a genetic concaugtion of Shrek, Mr.Grinch and Ursula from The Little Mermaid wearing these beautiful shoes I would, without a doubt, give him a chance.

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